August 2017

I’ve decided to do a blogpost covering each month until I catch up with actuality. If I do two per week I should be up to date before the end of Jan. I can’t manage much more than one pic from each day without making the post toooooooo long although occasionally I will if the pics make it compulsory.

Fracking prospecting

August saw a whole lot of fracking prospecting around North Notts. These were the only ones I saw at it although their instruments were all over. Continue reading

It’s still September

If I’m not careful I’ll catch up with myself, blogging at this rate.

Tuesday 20th September ’16

A “Grade ‘A’, grey day”* on the pond. What’s the correct spelling of GREY (or GRAY) anyhow? Apparently gray is used more in the U.S of A. but grey elsewhere although either is OK wherever you are. see herelink.
Ivy flowers have pollen covered stamens to coat wasps, bees, flies and hoverflies when they come for the nectar.
The seeds of the sycamore spiral slowly down helicoptering as they go. The low speed of descent allows the wind to carry them far afield. I hate sycamores. They spring up any- and every-where and grow so fast that other trees have little chance to compete. Continue reading

September – first week

On again. Don’t forget you can click the pics to see ’em bigger.

Thursday September First 2016

More of the same, or at least similar.

There’s one south facing grassy slope that has grasshoppers skulking in warm weather.
Spiders build webs in the brambles alongside the paths around the pond.
There’s aircraft overhead most of the day. This is one of the small ones.
Usually its the coots that fight but here they’re looking on while a couple of female (or juvenile?) mallards have at it.
This has got to be the prickliest plant around. Continue reading

August back end

Thought I’d better do some bloggin’ or folk’ll think I’ve snuffed it. Starting from t’ end of August.
Here goes (click the pics to see ’em bigger)(All pics are on Flickrlink, where they’re bigger than here)

Wednesday 31st August ’16

Wednesday: Wodnesdæg: Woden’s day
“When gorse is out of bloom, kissing’s out of fashion.” As I was told some short time ago.
It’s the start of spider season. At least the fat bodied ones that create webs in the brambles. Speaking of which, there’s more and more blackberries; “mellow fruitfulness”† indeed. Continue reading

Second week of September

I either read or was told some years ago that oak trees are the single plant that supports more other species than any other. A bit of googling leads me to “up to 284 species of insect” and 324 varieties of lichens on any one tree. The number of insects feeds a population of birds. Jays, pigeons, pheasants, ducks, squirrels, mice, badgers, deer and pigs feast on acorns in the autumn. Something I didn’t know: Acorns are not produced until the tree is at least 40 years old. (from here)link“.

Cats and flying insects have a common ability: they have access to “warp drive”.
Many a time I have left my bedroom, with a cat sound asleep on the covers, to arrive in the kitchen to find the cat already waiting at his food dish without detectably passing me en route. Similarly a butterfly or dragonfly can jump from where you were watching it closely to appear seemingly instantly several yards away in the length of time it takes to raise a camera to the eye and focus.

September was Haligmonað – holy month or Hærfestmonað – harvest festival month to the “Old English”. I’m not sure when these “Old English” folk flourished – rootling round the web gives me 450CE to 1100CE
Ð(cap) or ð(lower) [eth] is pronounced like “th” in “the”; apparently it’s a “voiced fricative”.
Continue reading

Finishing August

Today’s header pic is a hypercute long tailed tit picking insects off a hawthorn.

Just did that thing — I hit the Publish button instead of Preview so my ‘followers’ will have got an email. Scrubbed that title so they won’t find it. Sorry!


When walking on barely trodden ground should you use existing tracks (rabbit tracks?) and thereby make them more defined or use unmarked ground and spread the damage? Which is more wildlife friendly – given that I’m gonna go AB whatever?


Sometime in the last week I was reminded of an old pome:

There was a little girl,
      Who had a little curl,
Right in the middle of her forehead.
      When she was good,
       She was very good indeed,
But when she was bad she was horrid.

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First week of November

Friday the First of November 2013

Two of my four cats have decided to establish strange places as their primary residences.

DSC_6343SqueakSqueak, a 95% black female, has commandeered a spot on top of the kitchen cupboards …


DSC_6344Kipper… while Kipper, 100%black male, is vertically below her on top of the microwave.


Meanwhile there’s not a lot going on outside.

DSC_6359LongTailedTitLong tailed tits are really, I mean really, cute.


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