It’s still September

If I’m not careful I’ll catch up with myself, blogging at this rate.

Tuesday 20th September ’16

A “Grade ‘A’, grey day”* on the pond. What’s the correct spelling of GREY (or GRAY) anyhow? Apparently gray is used more in the U.S of A. but grey elsewhere although either is OK wherever you are. see herelink.
Ivy flowers have pollen covered stamens to coat wasps, bees, flies and hoverflies when they come for the nectar.
The seeds of the sycamore spiral slowly down helicoptering as they go. The low speed of descent allows the wind to carry them far afield. I hate sycamores. They spring up any- and every-where and grow so fast that other trees have little chance to compete. Continue reading

August back end

Thought I’d better do some bloggin’ or folk’ll think I’ve snuffed it. Starting from t’ end of August.
Here goes (click the pics to see ’em bigger)(All pics are on Flickrlink, where they’re bigger than here)

Wednesday 31st August ’16

Wednesday: Wodnesdæg: Woden’s day
“When gorse is out of bloom, kissing’s out of fashion.” As I was told some short time ago.
It’s the start of spider season. At least the fat bodied ones that create webs in the brambles. Speaking of which, there’s more and more blackberries; “mellow fruitfulness”† indeed. Continue reading

Into May

Still playing catchup
Some old-English dates to liven things up.


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Another bit of April

Still playing catch up with just the pics.
Mouse over for captions, click for bigger.

On some of my walks I use “map my walkLINK” you can join for nowt and then see where I’ve been. I’ll link when I remember – click on ‘MMW’.

April continues












A bit (a little bit (a very little bit)) more catch up.
Continuing with just pics. Mouse over for captions, click to embiggen.

By the way: a lot of my walks I record using “map my walkLINK” you can join for nowt and then see where I’ve been. I’ll link when I remember – click on ‘MMW’ (I often forget to turn it off, so there’s a lot of wazzocking around at my flat after I’m home)

April – week the second plus



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Thirteenth of February and beyond


Thirteen is, to Westerners at least, an unlucky number.Let me google that for you I always thought that the only reason was the presence, as the thirteenth to arrive, of Judas Iscariot at the ‘last supper’. Like so many things bible related though this turns out to be only part of the story. A lot of the reasoning lies with the idea, prevalent from Babylonian times at least, that twelve was a ‘perfect’ number. Think of twelve months in a year and twice twelve hours in a day – inherited from the Babylonians. So adding one to perfection could only mar it.
Apparently there was a similar thirteenth visitor at a Norse God’s feast: Loki the trickster.
Apollo 13 – say no more!
Fear of the number thirteen has its own name: Triskaidekaphobia.
Friday 13th is a whole other kettle of fish.

On with the pics. Please click on ’em or visit the linked Flickr page to see ’em bigger.
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February 2016

New Toy

Got myself a new toy:

Nikon J5 'mirrorless'

Nikon J5 ‘mirrorless’ & lens adaptor

As with all things Nikon it was not cheap: the adaptor, which allows use of Nikon DSLR lenses, was over £150!

As a camera it’s OK: geared towards the snapshotter methinks. The only things I’ve really benefitted from are the swivel screen and the in-camera panorama shots, the header pic above is one of these. Continue reading