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An apology

I know I’ve said this before but: “I don’t remember people.” It’s not ’cause I don’t like particular people; it’s not ’cause particular people aren’t memorable; it’s not ’cause I can’t talk to particular people.
I just don’t remember people.
Folk I meet while walking, anglers, dog walkers or other walkers, often greet me as if they recognise me, they probably do. In order to not appear totally oafish I tend to meet everyone with a nod, a smile and a cheery “Hi”, as if I know them.
Folk I’ve known and spoken with for yonken are the exception* and possession of a dog also ups your chances of recognition. Names: that’s another of my many failings.
*Not invariably – as related elsewhere, I once blanked my brother.

Apropos nothing at all

Aside: Why is ‘I’ the only pronoun that’s always capitalised in English? Indeed it’s the only non-proper noun that is; correct me if I’m wrong.

Mondegreen: A mondegreen is a mishearing or misinterpretation of a phrase as a result of near-homophony, in a way that gives it a new meaning (wiki). Continue reading


The cat (the little ginger bastard) knocked my hard drive (one of, anyhoo) off the top* of my desk. It buggered up!

So I’ve lost most of 2015 & 2016’s pics although up to 2014 are on another drive.

*Cats, in case you didn’t know, have a major directive, presumably from their leader, that “if two things exist such that one is on top of the other, then the uppermost shall be hurled to the floor without consideration for any consequences”.

So I’ll start 2017 from the beginning: Continue reading


A bit (a little bit (a very little bit)) more catch up.
Continuing with just pics. Mouse over for captions, click to embiggen.

By the way: a lot of my walks I record using “map my walkLINK” you can join for nowt and then see where I’ve been. I’ll link when I remember – click on ‘MMW’ (I often forget to turn it off, so there’s a lot of wazzocking around at my flat after I’m home)

April – week the second plus



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Still in February

Some harbour pics by request: Portsoy,link and Stonehaven,link in Aberdeenshire; from my Scottish sojourn.


Friday 19th Feb ’16

Blossom’s beginning to spread, there’s sloe and hawthorn above. The individual hawthorn (a.k.a. may) blooms are half the size of the sloe (a.k.a. blackthorn).
There’s been a pair of swans on the lake for about a month now, here they’re down the shallower west end among the reeds.
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February 2016

New Toy

Got myself a new toy:

Nikon J5 'mirrorless'

Nikon J5 ‘mirrorless’ & lens adaptor

As with all things Nikon it was not cheap: the adaptor, which allows use of Nikon DSLR lenses, was over £150!

As a camera it’s OK: geared towards the snapshotter methinks. The only things I’ve really benefitted from are the swivel screen and the in-camera panorama shots, the header pic above is one of these. Continue reading

First Four days of May 2015


Þrimilce is the Old English version of May: “month in which cows can be milked three times a day.” (Þ is pronounced like ‘th’ in ‘three’)
Most days I only walk up to Deep Lock, back down to town and home.
As usual the pictures are clickable if you want to see bigger versions. I have linked the appropriate Flickr page with each set but there aren’t so many extra ones this time.




Round the pond, train to Kiveton Park, up to the tunnel mouth and back down the canal home.

The canal between the tunnel and Cinderhill is the best bit – no argument. So many boaters are deterred by the sheer number of locks to be negotiated (22!) that they go no further than Shireoaks Marina. Shame 😦

First, round the pond and up to the Lock Keeper, down to town to get a sarnie (real shame that Birds butchers have gone!). Up to the station for the 0914 train. Continue reading

A quick woosh through October

Butterflies becoming less apparent as the month goes on.
All these pics and more are on my Flickrlink

Wednesday the First of October 2014

Walked up to the doctors to book prescriptions. Went the long way round!

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