Worksop, Sandhill Street

I’ve got a problem:

I’ve recently got in touch with some old friends (good old Google) and exchanged emails with one: Terry.

She invited me to come over.

No transport” I, truthfully, replied.

End of story?

No: her brother, Joe, also an old friend, (I can dimly remember his christening — I think I was eight) emailed me offering a lift as he and his wife Kath (also an old friend, but not quite so old) are driving over there.

So, what’s the problem?

ME that’s the problem!
How do I turn down the offer without seeming more ungracious than I am?
I’m an old curmudgeon who hasn’t had a conversation lasting more than five minutes for over seven years (t’internet excepted) and I like it that way. I don’t know if I’m antisocial or what, but I don’t particularly want to spend time with anyone. I’d like to meet Terry and Joe. (Joe and I have separate connections with the Chesterfield canal it turns out, and should have quite a bit to talk about.)

I’d like to see them, of course, but the thought of being in a social context with several people gives me shudders up my spine.

How to turn down the offer of a lift without giving offence?

I know, I’ll write it down here & send a link.

Speaking of the Chesterfield canal: there’s a couple of pics of mine in the current (2011) “Visitor Guide” and Rod tells me he’s putting at least two in 2012’s.

day to day

I spend almost all of my time alone (cats excepted, of course). Get up when I want to; sometimes 4:30AM, sometimes 8:00AM, there have been occasions when it’s been 4:30PM but most often about 10AM. Going to bed at similar disparate times, often on t’computer till 7:AM and going to bed any time between 9PM & 7:30AM. The only reason I ever make myself stick to any sort of “reasonable” time frame is ’cause I have to shop for food and, more importantly, cat food. I chat to anglers, other walkers and boaters on the canal. Folk around Worksop recognise me (the long haired guy with the camera)* I know, ’cause a few have spoken to me (cashier in Wilko & similar in Bird’s Butchers and several others).
*had a haircut – July2015

While I’m up I walk if the weather’s anything better than a mizzle: at least around the pond and down the canal to town, but often up or down the canal, snapping as I go. I’ve covered all the canal but the stretch from Clayworth to West Stockwith, bus passes are great but bus timetables not so much. The canal’s fascinating and the narrowboats and crews equally interesting. becoming more interested in wildlife as time passes.

I don’t watch much telly (QI & Mock the Week; often on t’internet – not “live”) – Radio4extra is a must most days. The rest of my time is taken up reading – still on Science Fiction mostly – and internetting – I’m a member of a few sites that have a quasi-social atmosphere but NOT Farcebook!
Gone right off QI – might give it some more time when Sandy Toksvig takes over. BTW Stephen Fry’s blocked me on Twitter – no idea why.

It’s now about 2 in the morning so I’ll call it a day, grab a link to this page & email it to Joe.

2 thoughts on “Worksop, Sandhill Street

  1. hi there I have just stumbled across your blog, I love the canal and took a trip along the trent and mersery through the shropshire union upto llangalan, in our little 20ft cruiser, for the whole of the summer with my family, I love the quiet life and one of these days (when kids have flown, me and my other half hope to buy a long boat and meander away on a blissful lifestyle without alot of social interaction too.. but for now if you ever see a small crusier bursting at the seams with 3 children and a dog do wave!



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