Finishing August

Today’s header pic is a hypercute long tailed tit picking insects off a hawthorn.

Just did that thing — I hit the Publish button instead of Preview so my ‘followers’ will have got an email. Scrubbed that title so they won’t find it. Sorry!


When walking on barely trodden ground should you use existing tracks (rabbit tracks?) and thereby make them more defined or use unmarked ground and spread the damage? Which is more wildlife friendly – given that I’m gonna go AB whatever?


Sometime in the last week I was reminded of an old pome:

There was a little girl,
      Who had a little curl,
Right in the middle of her forehead.
      When she was good,
       She was very good indeed,
But when she was bad she was horrid.

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More August Pics from Roj

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DSC_5487Walnut whip

We all know that Waggon Wheels used to be enormous but tell me this: did walnut whips have another bit of nut inside at the bottom, or am I misremembering?

sexy voice ONThis is an M&S walnut voice OFF

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Blogs, soap containers and walking with a camera

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Just a word about publishing WordPress blogs – of which this is one. While editing there’s a box at the right-hand side of the display looking like this:


To check how the page will look when ready for the big wide world without letting everyone see, the   Preview   button can be clicked, this creates a preview (duh!) on a separate browser tab.
This box slides up as the bottom of the worked on page is reached. Thus the   Publish   button becomes the only part of the section visible.
Inattention will mean that instead of   Preview  ,   Publish   is pressed. I’ve accidentally given blog posts premature release several times now and probably will again.


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July – 28th to the end of the month

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Monday 28th July

Pond and canal to town is all.
Robins are attractive all year round.DSC_9232On a fencepost

Spiders are intriguing to watch. The caterpillar on the ragwort is a cinnabar moth.

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22nd July ’14 onward …

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Maps are there only if the day’s walk was more than town & back.

Tuesday 22nd July – Marina and back

Up the canal, along Shireoaks Woodland and back to town via the Marina.14 07 22

Gatekeepers have taken over from meadow browns as the most often seen butterfly. Here on hare’s foot clover.DSC_6913Gatekeeper on hare's foot clover Continue reading