Second bit of May

More of the same,
Don’t forget to click on pics to see ’em bigger.

May 12th

Walk to Lindrick DaleGoogle map. Round the pond, up to Cinderhill via Shireoaks Woodlands (tip), across to Brancliffe Farm, Moses Seat and Lindrick Dale then round back down the canal via Fan Field Farm and Thorpe and Turnerwood locks. Had the obligatory ice cream cornet at Turnerwood; I must photograph one sometime.

The grebes don’t seem to be procreating – the nest is untenanted. Continue reading

May – bite the second

You know what’s coming don’t you?
Just pics of the pond and canal.

May – second chunk


Deep lock and back is all.

Orange tips are increasingly common.
Now here’s a boat name I’ve not come across before: “The Nobby Ferchar”.
The speckled wood was rather battered – presume it was an overwinterer.
Blackbirds are so common that I don’t often snap ’em but this one posed. Continue reading

First Four days of May 2015


Þrimilce is the Old English version of May: “month in which cows can be milked three times a day.” (Þ is pronounced like ‘th’ in ‘three’)
Most days I only walk up to Deep Lock, back down to town and home.
As usual the pictures are clickable if you want to see bigger versions. I have linked the appropriate Flickr page with each set but there aren’t so many extra ones this time.




Round the pond, train to Kiveton Park, up to the tunnel mouth and back down the canal home.

The canal between the tunnel and Cinderhill is the best bit – no argument. So many boaters are deterred by the sheer number of locks to be negotiated (22!) that they go no further than Shireoaks Marina. Shame :-(

First, round the pond and up to the Lock Keeper, down to town to get a sarnie (real shame that Birds butchers have gone!). Up to the station for the 0914 train. Continue reading

April – second bit

I really recommend that you either click on the pics to see ’em at a better (bigger) size or visit the Flickr page linked after each batch.

Thursday 16th April 2015

Flickr album (13)
The heron was standing by the canal below Morse Lock for quite a while. It gave a sudden standing lunge, took a fish and flew off with it.
St Anne’s Church makes a good photograph in the distance. A bit of ‘shoppery here to have the near cherry tree and the church both in focus.
Great tits never disappoint – so photogenic.
The small tortoiseshell posed on the equally pretty blackthorn blossom.
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First half of April

Anyone who voted tory can bugger off.
I love you not!

As before the appropriate page on Flickr is linked after every load o’ pics.
I’ve done quite a few Hugin panoramas but not put a lot on here – they’re all on Flickr.

All Fool’s Day

“April Fool” and such customs are stupid. That was a bonus and unsolicited opinion with the compliments of the management.

Flickr album (9)
The cat Gingernuts vanished at the beginning of March (ish) leaving Gingerkit as the sole representative of his colourway.
I believe the small bird to be a chiffchaff but it might be a willow warbler. As before this is to be extended to all occurrences of the bird.
Saw Nb Carrie Lou first at the shopping centre & walked up to Morse with them.
The magpies posed for the picture but the crows were scavenging in the mallards’ left overs. The left hand crow seems to have a broken beak. Continue reading

Second bite of March

Not everyone’s got one of these:



In case you don’t know what ’tis – I’m blocked from seeing Stephen Fry’s tweets. I have no idea what I’ve done to deserve it but it gives me quite a thrill! We have mutual once/twice removed acquaintances (i.e friends of friends type of thing) but I don’t think it’s anything to do with that – ?

All the pictures can be enlarged by clicking on ’em. “Flickr album” links are to that ‘page’ of pictures with the total number of pics in brackets. Any other links are flagged ‘link’ and should open a new tab or page.

Monday the Sixteenth

Things I keep coming back to:

Flickr album (14)
At least once a year I try to catch midges in flight – not very successfully.
Lichen is another thing I regularly snap – it’s often the only colour in winter and is hidden as leaves grow on trees.
Grasses are very attractive, both for their individual shapes as here and when billowing in the breeze en masse.
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March – first tranche

Every time I go walkies I take some “Panorama” pics – most dates have at least one. The “Flickr album” links are what they say, the number is the total number on that date; in most (all?) cases there’s many more pics on there. Every time I go out with the camera, even if only to town, I take over 100 pictures. On a longer walk I can take up to 1000. Selecting pics can take quite a time, as can be imagined, especially as I like to give them some ‘post production’link – cropping, colour correcting and size checking.

If anyone is interested from the previous post, the lens I eventually bought was a Tamron 16-300. The ‘300’ means that it’s pretty good at distant stuff, e.g. the many grebe pics; the ’16’ means it does well at landscapy type things: used for a lot of the panoramas. It also allows pretty good ‘macros’ or close-ups → lichens, individual flowers, insects and stuff.

Unfortunately I don’t seem to have the time, or come to that the inclination, to do this blogging thing conscientiously. Anyway, as April’s nearly out, here’s some of March’s pics: Continue reading