December Starts

THe header pic is, if you hadn’t guessed, the sun setting across the pond.

Reminder: if you click on a ‘what3words’ link (underlined words) you’ll need to click on the little symbol to show a ‘satellite’ image.

First of December

I went for a wee walk – about eleven kilometres or seven miles; whichever floats yer boat.

As always I set off around the North East side of the pond

A couple of greylags had joined the swans and mallards. With their down turning beak mouths they always seem so disapproving.

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Onward Goeth November

Once upon a time there was a card game called patience, it was probably the first card game after snap that anyone learned. For reasons unknown it was changed to solitaire. WTAA*?

My earliest childhood memory is of walking to ‘the shops’ clutching my mother’s hand along a channel cut through snow that was above my head. This must have been the winter of ’47 when I was about 2¾. The shops were at Heeley Green and still are. The grocers was ‘Flears’ (sp?) who delivered on Thursday afternoon.

Monday the Sixteenth of November

Just then flew down a monstrous crow,
   As black as a tar-barrel!




How do you pronounce lichen? For years I said it to rhyme with kitchen until a teacher* laughed at my pronunciation, apparently it should sound like liken. To this day I have to think before saying it and it still has a ‘-itchen’ sound in my head. I put this down to my being an omnivorous reader from an early age. For the same reason I thought of misled as ‘mizzled’ and was very late connecting the written and spoken words.

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