I often walk to town via The Pond

(and back the shorter way)

Here’s my usual walk. For a live version of this picture click here.

Click (almost) any pic to see it bigger

Tuesday the Ninth of June

Coots are quarrelsome in defence of territory or offspring
Inside my garden door picking up spilled seed
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New Look

June 2020

Decided to try working with WordPress again. They’ve changed to something called ‘block editing’ which might be very nice if you’ve not got loads to unlearn before using it. So I’m trying a few layouts.

Camera: I’m a Nikon fan but, thanks to a series of unfortunate accidents*, I’m reduced to a Fuji X-T20 for which I only have one long (55-200) lens and a little coolpix A900 (which is excellent). Until I can afford to either send my Nikon D500 for repair or buy a replacement for my Nikon Z50 that’s my lot.
The A900 is a triffic wee camera for its size and price – all my recent moon pictures are taken with it as are my zooms of grebes and turtles.

*Dunno what went wrong with my D500 – it just packed up.
* my Z50 fell from a great height (6ft) and brke down the middle

First of the Month

Start off just dropping individual images on the page:

There’s a monster in the pond. I only saw the ripple pattern when I looked through the pictures on the camera
Grebe patrolling for food for the kids. I think that this was probably the male as the other one was on the nest with the kids
On the nest
There’s a small patch of lillies in the south west corner of the pond
Thistles are almost architectural
View of the great crested grebe’s nest from high above
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